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Your Smile and Gum Disease Symptoms and Risk Factors

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Are you aware of risk factors for gum disease that can arise and what you can do to help minimize their effects? Several symptoms can arise to let you know that you are suffering from gum disease, so it will need to be treated properly. At times when your gums are not working effectively, and you are suffering from gum tissue infections, analyze various aspects of your oral health and be aware of common risk factors that can produce it.

Several risk factors in your life including bad lifestyle choices can lead to a rise in gum disease. Furthermore, if you have a poor diet with poor oral hygiene, it can lead to an increase in plaque in your mouth, which is a known risk factor for gum disease. To ensure plaque does not have a chance to thrive in your mouth or that gum disease is treated, visit your dentist routinely for checkups and examinations.

Although gum disease can progress over a long period of time, there are key indications and symptoms that it may be present. If you notice anything abnormal about your gums or issues within your mouth including severe gum recession or teeth that are slowly moving and sliding around, it could be linked to symptoms of gum disease.

With gum disease prevention and care and the skilled expertise of our team at 201 Dental Care, we can make sure you receive the treatment you require. Dr. Jessica Gorelik and our team can be reached by calling us at 201-944-1969 to schedule an appointment to visit us at our office in Fort Lee, New Jersey.