At 201 Dental Care, our top priority is to preserve and restore your existing teeth. However, there are certain circumstances when existing teeth are too extensively decayed or damaged to be repaired and must be extracted. If a tooth is severely infected, an extraction may be the only option to keep you healthy and prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth and gums. If the infection worsens, it has the potential to enter the bloodstream, spreading to other parts of the body. A dental extraction may also be required as part of orthodontic treatment or when a patient simply has too many teeth or misaligned teeth that are crowding in the mouth. By extracting these teeth, we leave adequate space for other teeth to shift into place.

There are two types of dental extractions:

  • Simple Extraction­ — Simple extractions are performed on visible teeth. We elevate the teeth and remove them with dental forceps by applying slow, steady pressure.
  • Surgical Extraction­ — Surgical extractions are slightly more involved and are performed on teeth that are not visible or easily accessible in the mouth. Very often, we split the tooth and will remove it in two pieces.

To many, the thought of a dental extraction can be scary; however, the truth of the matter is that both simple and surgical extractions are completely painless! In fact, very often, the tooth will be extracted before you realize it! At 201 Dental Care, our dentist and team use the latest technology and most advanced techniques to ensure our patients have the most comfortable experience possible. We invite you to contact Dr. Jessica Gorelik today by calling our office at 201-944-1969 to learn more about tooth extraction in Fort Lee, New Jersey.