Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in patients. If left untreated, it can result in serious health consequences such as diabetes and heart disease among other chronic disorders. There are two types of periodontal disease, which are gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the mildest form of periodontal disease and is often the result of insufficient home care; however, it can be reversed through professional treatment. If left untreated, gingivitis will advance into periodontitis, a condition that occurs when plaque begins to grow beneath the gum line, forming toxins that will destroy the bone and tissue supporting your teeth.

At 201 Dental Care, our dentist and hygienists follow a strict soft tissue management protocol designed to keep your gums healthy and prevent the onset of periodontal disease. We closely monitor our patients’ gums for pocketing and inflammation and evaluate the underlying tissue and bone through digital imaging. Our philosophy is to fight periodontal disease through patient education and routine preventive care as an alternative to invasive surgical correction.

Scaling and root planing (often referred to as a “deep cleaning”) is the most effective non­surgical approach to treating periodontal disease. The procedure is painless and comfortable and targets the teeth down to their roots, as well in between the gums. Scaling is the process of removing plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth both above and below the gum line while root planing is when we smooth out the root surfaces and remove any infected structures. The end result is astonishing!

We also offer a number of other periodontal treatments at our office, including gum surgery, gum grafting and more. Our team will help you determine which services you need to improve your smile during your personalized consultation at our office.

For more information about periodontics and how we treat gum disease in Fort Lee, New Jersey, we invite you to contact Dr. Jessica Gorelik and our team today at 201-944-1969. We are committed to helping you improve your oral health.