Many people suffer from gum recession; in fact, gum recession is estimated to affect 4 to 12 percent of adults. Gum recession occurs when the gum tissues pull away from the tooth, exposing more of the tooth structure or tooth root. You may suffer from gum recession because of periodontal disease, genetic factors, overly aggressive tooth brushing, grinding and clenching your teeth, hormonal changes, tobacco products, crooked teeth, or insufficient dental care. When the gums recede, your teeth often become more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and exposed tooth roots can also pose an aesthetic problem for your smile. If not treated, gum recession can eventually result in tooth loss.

To repair the damage caused by gum recession and to prevent further problems, our dentist may recommend a gum graft in Fort Lee, New Jersey. During a gum graft, Dr. Jessica Gorelik grafts soft tissue to the gums to replace the missing gum tissues. There are three main types of gum graft procedures: connective-tissue grafts, pedicle grafts and free gingival grafts. Our team will carefully examine your smile and discuss your concerns and desires with you to determine which type of gum graft is best suited to your specific needs. Once the new tissue is grafted, your own tissues fuse with the graft for lasting, natural-looking results. We welcome you to contact 201 Dental Care today at 201-944-1969 to learn more about gum grafting and to set up your next appointment.