Tooth-colored fillings or white fillings are a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative to dark-colored silver amalgam fillings. Unlike silver fillings, which are made from a mixture of silver, tin and mercury, white fillings are made of a composite resin material that is stronger, less susceptible to breaking, and less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Another advantage of white fillings is that they typically require less preparation or removal of the existing tooth structure than silver fillings do and are not obvious to others when you open your mouth to speak or smile. It is important to understand that white fillings do not typically last as long as amalgam fillings, are more costly, and could potentially stain from prolonged exposure to coffee, tea or red wine.

As with any filling, the first step in placing a tooth-colored dental filling in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is to prepare the tooth by carefully drilling to effectively remove all decay. Our dentist then applies a primer to the open pores in the enamel and dentin. The resin composite filling material is then placed inside the tooth, and a chemical bond is formed. Dr. Jessica Gorelik then shapes the filling material to complement the shape and contour of the tooth and apply a curing light so the material will harden. The next step is to check the bite to ensure the upper and lower teeth fit properly and to see if any further adjustments are required. For more information about white fillings, we welcome you to contact our team today at 201 Dental Care by calling 201-944-1969.