An intraoral camera is an imaging tool that helps both you and your dentist better understand your oral health. A small, pen-shaped tool, the intraoral camera allows our team to capture high-quality images of hard-to-see areas in your smile. This helps us to better visualize dental problems such as decayed teeth, cracks or chips in teeth, damaged teeth, swollen or infected gums, and other types of damage and disease. After capturing the image with the intraoral camera, we are able to immediately view the image on a screen right in the treatment room. The live, color images are expandable, and you are able to view the image right along with Dr. Jessica Gorelik. This helps you better understand the current state of your oral health and the need for the dental treatments we recommend. The images also help our dentist in detecting dental problems and planning treatment.

Furthermore, the images taken with the intraoral camera in Fort Lee, New Jersey, can be easily shared with other dentists and medical professionals as needed, as well as insurance companies. For more information about how we use intraoral cameras, we invite you to contact our friendly team at 201 Dental Care today at 201-944-1969. We look forward to seeing you here soon!