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Root Canal Therapy

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When Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Unfortunately even those of us with the best oral hygiene may not be able to prevent decay from affecting a tooth. In many instances when decay is too deep into the tooth or even worse into the nerve a Root Canal is a necessary course of treatment to save the tooth. While most people dread the idea of having a root canal the truth of the matter is root canal therapy does not cause pain but actually relieves pain!

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Therapy is when the pulp of the tooth is removed to prevent bacteria from spreading and causing damage to the gums and other teeth.

How Do I Know I Might Need A Root Canal?

There are certain (often unpleasant) symptoms that are good indicators you may require Root Canal Therapy. These include

•Recurring bumps on the gums

•Swelling and tenderness of the gums and soft tissue surrounding a tooth

•Discoloration of the tooth in question

•Severe toothaches caused by pressure or chewing

•Extreme pain or sensitivity when the tooth comes into contact with hot or cold

Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy

The benefits of having Root Canal Therapy performed is that it will successfully clean out the infection in the pulp chamber of the tooth and also put an end to the pain and sensitivity you originally experienced. Root Canal Therapy will prevent a serious condition called an abscess from forming and also prevent the spread of infection. Another benefit of having Root Canal Therapy is that it will save the tooth which if left untreated would most likely result in an extraction.

Is it Too Late?

Unfortunately if the decay is left untreated too long the decay will be too extensive and may have compromised too much of the remaining tooth structure. If this is the case the tooth will most like need to be extracted.

Call 201 Dental Care If You Are Experiencing Pain or Have Further Questions About Root Canal Therapy

If you are experiencing pain in a tooth or have any of the symptoms listed above give us a call so we can schedule a consultation for you to see Dr. Jeffrey Susman. Call (201) 944-1969 or shoot an e-mail to and we would be happy to put your mind at ease!