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Dr. Susman Interviewed on Dental Implants!

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Fort Lee Dentist Dr. Jeffery Susman Discusses What To Expect From Dental Implants


Dental Implants:A Solution To Replace Missing Teeth

Dr. Jeffery Susman has placed thousands of dental implants and is an expert in the field of cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry!

Q. Dr. Susman, dental implants have been around for over 30 years. Why have they become so popular in the past ten years?

A. I have been practicing dentistry for 30 years. When dentists starting placing implants years ago the procedure took more time, cost much more and was much riskier than it is today. As dentists gained experience they learned what worked and what didn稚. Today we can place implants with a much higher success rate than ever before. In our office we have been placing and restoring implants for over 20 years so we improved our procedures and I can tell you we have over 95% success rate today.

Q. Implants are a major improvement in dentistry but how can you explain the huge popularity of 201 Dental Care?

A. Most patients tell me what they like best about our office is the fact that we have the versatility of highly skilled dentists and specialists working alongside each other to ensure we get the best result possible. Where else can you find a team of dentists which includes a gum specialist, orthodontist and general dentists highly trained in implant dentistry? I donn’t know of any facility around here. Do you?

Q. Why do so many of your patients prefer implants instead of caps and bridges?

A. When we show patients photographs of some of the thousands of patients we treated they see how natural implants can look. When they also learn that they can never get decay on an implant they become very interested in replacing missing teeth with implants. I would also recommend all patients considering implants to ask their dentist for pictures of their work and not pictures of patients the dentist did not treat. It is one of the best ways to see how skillful their dentist is.

Q. Do implants last as long as caps or bridges?

A. Since implants have been around for a while we have been able get an idea of how they compare to caps and I can tell you from my experience and I believe the studies have shown that after ten years patients have fewer problems with implants than with bridges and crowns. I know if I were missing teeth I would prefer implants. No question about it.

Q. How much pain can a patient expect after receiving a dental implant?

A. Almost all my patients are surprised by how little pain they have when they go home. They typically take some advil the same night and most do not need any pain medication the next day. It really is one of the least painful procedures done in dentistry.

Q. What types of dental problems can be solved with dental implants?

A. Besides replacing one or more missing teeth we offer help to patients with loose dentures. Two or four implants can hold in that loose denture and the denture glue can be thrown away. I see patients who are miserable with loose dentures and are finally able to bite into something after years of misery. I love seeing those happy faces.

Q. What would you tell someone who thinks they might be a good candidate for dental implants?

A. Call your dentist and ask him or her where they recommend you go to get an evaluation. Ask for an office that not only places the implants but restores them too. I think it is better that way so you don稚 get into a situation where the dentist restoring the implant is unhappy with the dentist who placed it. Make sure the dentist placing the implant evaluates your health and gives you a written estimate before the procedure. That way you can avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

One more very important point. Do not go ahead with the procedure unless you feel comfortable with the dentist. You can always change your mind before anything is done. I always tell my patients it is my job to give you my best advise and it is your job to decide what is best for you. Thank you.