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In today’s chaotic world sometimes we all just need a boost. Be careful though, extended and regular consumption of energy drinks can harm teeth by causing enamel breakdowns. These breakdowns make it much easier for cavities to take shape, which can even lead to more serious problems later on.

In a recent study researchers studied an assortment of 13 energy drinks and sports drinks; specifically evaluating pH levels, fluoride levels and something called “titratable acid” (how long it takes for saliva to neutralize in the mouth). They then looked at how much enamel each beverage removed from teeth. The results were shocking! Energy drinks removed substantially more enamel than other sports drinks with comparable sugar concentrations.

To help prevent tooth decay after consuming energy drinks we recommend chewing sugar-free gum. This will increase the flow of saliva and prevent the sugar and plaque from sticking to your teeth.  We also recommend you  always rinse out your mouth with water in between soft drink sips, and make certain to brush your teeth soon after consuming any sugary beverage.