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April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month: When Was Your Last Screening?

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Oral Cancer is one of the largest growing health concerns which is why it is so important that we take a moment raise awareness about it. Unfortunately each year thousands of people are diagnosed with late stage Oral Cancer which has a survival rate of just 50%. It is for this reason that it is so important to be especially vigilant when it comes to your oral health. While Oral Cancer is difficult to detect it is important to pay particular attention to the following signs and symptoms:

•A Sore Than Will Not Heal

•Pain In The Tongue or Jaw

•Painful Chewing

•Difficulty Swallowing

•White Or Red Patch On The Inside of Your Mouth

•Chronic Sore Throat

•A Lump In The Soft Tissue of Your Mouth or Throat


The Importance of Dental Cleanings and Exams

Oral Cancer Screenings are A Critical Component of Every Routine Dental Visit at 201 Dental Care in Englewood Cliffs NJ


If you notice any of the above make certain to schedule and appointment with our office ASAP. It is important to also understand that lifestyle choices do play a large part in preventing Oral Cancer. Tobacco and alcohol use has been widely linked to Oral Cancer. In fact:

•Tobacco smokers are 9X more likely than non-smokers to develop Oral Cancer

•Chewing tobacco users are 4X more likely than non users to develop Oral Cancer


A healthy lifestyle also goes a long way in preventing cancer in general. Consuming a primarily plant-based diet rich in fruits and vegetables paired with an active lifestyle you can greatly mitigate your risk for diseases such as Oral Cancer.

Above all do not forget to maintain your routine dental cleanings and exams. Our expert hygienists and Dr. Susman screen patients for oral cancer at EACH AND EVERY VISIT. Give us a call at 201-944-1969 or visit us online.n