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A Tooth Suffering from Severe Dental Attrition Might Need a Crown

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Each of the teeth in your dentition is designed to meet up with its partner at a certain alignment and position. If the orientation of one or more teeth is altered for some reason or a previous orthodontic issue was not resolved in youth, it could cause unnatural wear and tear. As time goes by, this can cause significant dental attrition with the tooth enamel of a tooth.

In some cases, a small area of dental attrition can be repaired with a simple filling. If the compromised area is large or in a critical location on the tooth, Dr. Jessica Gorelik might recommend replacing the entire tooth enamel layer with a crown.

After examining the dental attrition and any potential decay, Dr. Jessica Gorelik will use a dental drill to remove the tooth enamel. This will form an abutment out of the core of the tooth. This post-like structure will later serve to anchor the crown in your mouth.

A detailed impression will be made of the abutment and any related teeth in your bite pattern. This will be sent to a dental lab, where the crown will be created from either gold, porcelain, or another metallic alloy.

A temporary crown is then secured over the abutment to keep it safe, while the dental lab performs their work.

When it’s ready, you will need to come in for a second appointment. This will be brief, as Dr. Jessica Gorelik removes the temporary crown and uses a strong dental adhesive to secure a crown in place.

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