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A Tooth Suffering from Cracked Enamel Might Need a Dental Crown

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Bad oral habits like crunching on ice or chewing on foreign objects can apply significant force to the biting surfaces of your teeth. A similar threat is also posed by unconsciously grinding your teeth while sleeping.

In some of these scenarios so much force is applied to the tooth enamel that it chips, fractures or potentially cracks a tooth. Even if the damaged tooth does cause immediate discomfort, you should still have it examined by a dentist like Dr. Jessica Gorelik to prevent further complications.

If the damage to the tooth’s enamel layer is significant, or the structural integrity of the biting surface is at risk, she might recommend a dental crown restoration. This treatment plan will essentially replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a durable dental material.

It involves her removing the remaining natural tooth enamel to prepare an abutment. A careful impression will then be made and sent to the dental lab where your dental crown will be created according to exacting standards.

When it’s ready our dentist will cement it onto the abutment. This will anchor your new dental crown in place this completing the dental restoration process.

When your dental crown is ready a member of our staff will call you to set up a second appointment. During this brief session, the dental crown will be installed onto the abutment with a strong dental adhesive.

If you are in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, and you have just suffered a significant dental fracture, you should call 201-944-1969 to seek treatment at 201 Dental Care.