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The outer layer of tooth enamel on each of your teeth gives them the strength to handle the daily rigors of chewing while also preventing bacteria from accessing the sensitive interior of the tooth. If you struggle to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine or you consume acidic beverages on a regular basis it could start to gradually weaken your tooth enamel.

If it’s not countered in some way, this demineralization effect could cause microscopic pores to develop deep in the tooth enamel layer. In time, this could expose the sensitive dentin layer within the tooth. This can cause tooth sensitivity problems and leave you increasingly vulnerable to cavities.

In a situation like this Dr. Jessica Gorelik might recommend a treatment plan that increases the fluoride exposure of your teeth. Fluoride has the unique ability to fortify the mineral density of tooth enamel. This can effectively reduce the size of the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel. In time, this can ease tooth sensitivity discomfort and reduce your chances of suffering tooth decay.

This starts with a fluoride treatment administered by Dr. Jessica Gorelik which can make a significant improvement to the strength of your tooth enamel in a short amount of time. If she feels it’s warranted, Dr. Jessica Gorelik might also prescribe the daily use of fluoride supplements.

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